RobotWorx and the Aerospace Industry


RobotWorx' feasibility studies were recently highlighted in the May 2008 issue of Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing Magazine. The article, "Robots Take Over," covers the increased use of industrial robots in the aerospace industry.

There are many reasons for this relatively new movement, but one of the main reasons is affordability. That's where RobotWorx' used robots and feasibility studies come into play. Feasibility studies provide a relatively inexpensive way to test robotic systems and specific customized applications.

The article says that changes in the aerospace industry itself have made automation more attractive. There are more regional, smaller aircrafts being built. Aerospace production has begun mirroring the automotive industry.

With industrial robots, aerospace applications are performed with greater accuracy and speed. Articulated robot design and the introduction of automatic tool changers have provided the flexibility needed for customized tasks.

Changes in robot software have made it easier for robots to be included in the aerospace industry as well. Off-site programming, problem tracking, and more sophisticated data files make the transition to robots easy.

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