RobotWorx Appears in Fortune Small Business Magazine


RobotWorx was recently profiled in Fortune Small Business magazine. The article, Born Again Robots, appears in the October 2007 issue. It explores the used robot market and the advantage of buying reconditioned robotic equipment.

RobotWorx president Keith Wanner said he is very pleased with the article and appreciates the magazine's focus. "FSB really understands what a small business owner goes through and they gear everything to fit those needs," he said. "Small businesses make up about 90% of the market; it's a big percentage but sometimes it gets overlooked by the media."

The article is the product of multiple phone interviews, fact checks, and a photo shoot with a NYC photographer. "We are really impressed by the amount of work and effort they put into it," Wanner said.

Fortune Small Business is a daughter magazine to Fortune. Both are published by Time, Inc.

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