RobotWorx' Educational Involvement Expands


There is no denying the fact that industrial robots are bringing faster throughput, energy savings, lowers costs, and a more consistent quality product to production floors across the globe.  The robotic market is expected to continue to grow at exponential rates, quickly becoming enveloped in smart software, sensors, and EOATs, and expected to reach around $135 billion by 2019.  This growth will continue to provide a workforce dependent on future generations ability to learn the new trades. These technologies are still reliant on human capability, daily oversight,. and the advancing, sophisticated software that will continue to demand human interface for programming, adjusting, etc.  

The learning of these skills lies on the back of the rising generation, the ones who will be even more immersed in technology then we are. It is the next generation’s job to stand up to this great task and prepare to thrive in the digital revolution as new jobs continue to come their way through digital innovations. The need for robotic education for future generations is imperative. Job opportunities within the robotics field will only continue to rise as the dependency of robotics does.  These new job opportunities will encompass a more professional job market, enabling an overall increase in value to society, such as computer programmers, coders, highly skilled factory staff, competent data scientists, engineers, specialists in A.I., etc.

RobotWorx and SCOTT USA understand the importance of education in robotics and strive to be a part of the next generation's success.  They recognize the well known fact that the better educated students are on robotics, the more career opportunities they can have later on. This ultimately will also improve the innovations in robotics and automation.  RobotWorx and SCOTT USA have made it a point to become more involved with several education institutions for opportunities for internships and collaborations.

Jacque Vacchiano, from RobotWorx, works in the internship, career, and training opportunities field and says, "We are working toward partnerships with local schools and universities in becoming a more prevalent resource for youth when they are in the midst of determining what their future career goals and opportunities are. We feel that this will not only positively impact our company by attracting local talent, but, more importantly, will positively impact the community RobotWorx calls home."  RobotWorx and SCOTT USA aim to conduct an incredible job of keeping up with the quickly advancing and inter-connected industrial world. They hope to encourage growth and development in career development for advanced manufacturing and robotics.

Alongside the education drive of highly successful robotic companies, such as RobotWorx, must lie the education system. This system must adapt and evolve with the new jobs that are needed and ensure that the necessary skills are incorporated into the curriculum. This will help to continue to solve global issues and unite the global technology front.  There is no denying that the future of success in robotics is dependent on the rising generations to step up and learn, program, and innovate. The best way to do this is to provide relevant classes in schools and provide hands-on opportunities to work with and around robotics in ways that RobotWorx and SCOTT USA are doing.

As technology continues to develop and reshape the way the world conquers automation manufacturing, RobotWorx and SCOTT USA are stepping up to the plate to make sure that students are ready to handle the necessary job tasks of the future.   The industrial robotic workforce has a future that is dependent on the next generation becoming experts in the necessary trades to maintain its success and continual growth and RobotWorx and SCOTT USA are ready to help make that happen. The ultimate goal is to help close the skills gap in automation by teaching students of all ages and skill levels how to best operate and evolve with the robotics revolution.

RobotWorx is excited to help assist and create opportunities for students.  We are excited to be part of this incredible learning center. To learn more about educational opportunities and partnerships, please contact us here or call in at 740-251-4312.

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