RobotWorx Participates in COSI's Robot Science Day


We’ve done it so much, it's almost a tradition! After donating a few robot arms to COSI (Center of Science and Industry) in Columbus, Ohio, RobotWorx has given a presentation/demonstration at the central Ohio science museum’s Robot Science Day for the last three years.

Our general manager John Messaros presented a slide show for visitors to the exhibit. He discussed how industrial robot arms work, what they do, and the kinds of careers and jobs people hold in the robotics industry.

Several industrial robot arms ran through their disco-dancing and material handling programs while visitors looked on.

COSI’s Steve Whitt organized the Robot Science Day and said that COSI was “thrilled to have RobotWorx as part of Robot Science Day at COSI.” He added that “partnerships like this one will help COSI inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.”

For more information on upcoming events on robotics and many other topics, check out COSI’s website at  For more information on the industrial robots available at our facility, contact us online or at 740-251-4312.

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