RobotWorx Reaches 1000 Days Accident-Free


The  manufacturing and metal fabrication industries are both dangerous businesses, and it is a feat to go any substantial length of time without some sort of accident. RobotWorx has achieved just that on February 10, 2015 – 1,000 days without an accident, something that is extremely rare.

The RobotWorx accident-free ticker hasn’t had to reset since May 16, 2012. Keith Wanner, President of RobotWorx, believes that this is a great achievement for the company. “I’m proud of all of our employees for taking safety so serious and making sure our work environment is always as safe as it can be.”

Wanner stated that to achieve this milestone is very rare, especially in this environment. RobotWorx is a diverse company, where technicians work with robots, shop tools, paint, saws, etc. One would think it would be difficult to achieve 365 days accident free, let alone 1,000. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average company RobotWorx’ size will have approximately 3 accidents per year, per 100 employees.

Safety team member Wes Perkins attributes the achievement to how safety conscious the workers tend to be. “We have safety meetings once a month with our safety team, and we hold regular trainings with our technicians,” Perkins said. “We rope off areas when a robot is running, and we all try to stay aware of where there may be cables around the robots.” Walkways are also outlined in yellow and are kept clear, to ensure that workers and guests have a safe place to walk through the shop.

Running the robots slowly and having them roped off may be the biggest key to RobotWorx’ safety success. Perkins said that many accidents happen during startup in the manufacturing industry– someone is in the wrong spot and gets pinned by a robot or machine. He said that when a robot is in motion, it is only running in teach mode, approximately 10 cm per second, far too slow to seriously injure anyone.

Wanner is definitely proud of his workers, all of whom contributed to this great achievement. “It is rare to go even one year or 365 days. So, 1,000 days is impressive.”

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