Scott Automation+Robotics Wins WorkSafe Victoria Award


We are all smiles after an amazing weekend filled with awards! Our sister company, Scott Automation & Robotics, won another outstanding award, making us even more proud to be a part of this amazing, innovative team.

Scott Automation and Robotics took home the WORKSAFE VICTORIA AWARD: Health & Safety Invention of the Year  for their Lamb X-ray Primal and Middle System. This is quite an honor and an achievement as this is an annually celebrated award that honors the businesses whom are the finest examples of innovations in healthy, safety, and well being across Victoria. Additionally, SCOTT's Robofuel was selected as a finalist in the innovative mining solution category. 

Meat processing plants bring so many advantages to the industry today. Unfortunately, these jobs also bring some dangers, accident prone occasions, and a high staff turnover rate. SCOTT wanted to help deliver an innovative, safe solution, to ensure certain procedures were carried out safely and properly.

The X-Ray Primal and Middle Machine technology, through Robotic Technologies Ltd., is a joint venture between Scott Technology and Silverfern Farms.  This technology helps to avoid as many accidents or on-site dangers (including lacerations and amputations), as possible, by replacing the majority of the manual bandsaw tasks.

The SCOTT equipment begins at the start of the boning process to help establish a nice, steady pace for the rest of the room. This ultimately helps to improve productivity while also aiding in the avoidance of spikes that could more easily result in injuries. Typically, meat processing plant workers will manually (and repetitively) handle lamb carcasses at various heights, adding to the primary cause of strain injuries. Human handling of food also adds a greater chance for the food to be contaminated with bacteria.

The X-Ray Primal system is a machine that automates the cutting of all lamb primals. The system creates a 3D map of the carcass’s bones, which then sends it to all downstream boning room modules. This made enables perfect direction and guidance of the primal cutter, ultimately providing a superior, more precise, and cleaner cut when compared with anything that would be done manually.

Additionally, the operation of a bandsaw in the cold and stressful environment of a meat processing plant makes skin lacerations and amputations more likely; eventually causing mental and physical trauma to the operator, and those around.  

The X-Ray system provides all of the correct height and measurements for each cut, and then uses a dual rotating knife blade to further ensure a cleaner, more accurate cut.

The second part of this technology, The Middle System, automates the bone-in processing of lamb middles, ultimately helping minimize waste and improve yield, safety, and efficiency. This is all done by the precise, controlled cuttingaligned with the x-ray image. This image also helps achieve flap removal to be undertaken in line with any required specification. Overall loin yield improvements are achieved by the elimination of sawdust and the excellent cutting accuracy provided by the powered, circular knives to split the loin from the rack.  

Our team at RobotWorx is proud to be a part of this innovative, global team. SCOTT group never fails to create new products that have lasting results on the robotic industry, and ultimately look after and improve the overall well being of industry workers. Keep up the good work, SCOTT! For more information, contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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