SCOTT Joins KUKA's Global Key Account


SCOTT is proud to announce they have teamed up with an elite group of multinational companies by joining KUKA’s Global Key Account Program. The SCOTT Groups global footprint now has the ability to reach New Zealand, Australia, China, the USA, Germany, and Italy.

SCOTT Technology Limited, RobotWorx' parent company, specializes in the manufacturing and design of automated production and machinery. The company also continues to invest in the research and development of new innovation technologies and products; they hold over 30 patents. 

SCOTT is currently operating within five key, yet diverse, markets around the globe; appliance systems, meat processing, industrial automation, sample preparation, and superconductivity. The companies they have within these markets include SCOTT Automation + RoboticsRocklabsSCOTT  LEDSCOTT FabtechSCOTT MilktechApplied Sorting TechnologiesHumma HoneyHTS-110 and RobotWorx

After years of amazing teamwork, collaboration, and innovation, it is no surprise that SCOTT has quickly become a global leader in the manufacturing and design of automated production and machinery.  Additionally, the continued happiness of SCOTT’s worldwide customers is a huge reflection of the strength and dedication of their team of innovators and leaders.

These great achievements, innovations, and continued investment in the growth have not gone unnoticed by a global leader, KUKA Robotics. KUKA and SCOTT take pride in their like-minded beliefs and philosophy that reflects the importance of forming partnerships that offer mutual benefits and collaborative abilities. 

Global Key Accounts are very important in the formation and development of the customers who play a central role in the future of robotics and automation.  For this reason, these relationships created with large, key accounts, are critical to the growth of the entire industry. SCOTT will now have access to the technology forefront, be able to contribute to the development of future technology, and have access to KUKA’s global team members, anywhere from technical support to local senior management.

As global leaders continue to join the Global Key Account, the ability to drive never-ending value and sustain continued growth in robotics and automation will only become easier and help the long term, overall value.  SCOTT's involvement in the KUKA Key Account program is sure to  help deliver the desired results for manufacturers across multiple industries within a wide range of countries.

KUKA, SCOTT, and all of the other Global Key Account members are looking forward to taking big steps to continue to lead, guide, and form the future or robotics and automation. 

At RobotWorx, we are proud to be a part of this global team. To learn more, visit the SCOTT websitecontact us online, or give us a call at 740-251-4312.

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