Used Industrial Robots in Ohio


It's no coincidence that the used robot market thrives in states like Ohio as this industrial heartland is full of resources for old and new robots.  Robots have existed in factories and warehouses for decades, however today there is an even bigger transformation in factories today with "robot-driven automation" in the used and new market.  Companies around the globe are realizing that the used robotic market provides huge opportunities for economic growth and staying above the competition. The president of RIA, Jeff Burnstein states, “We’re encouraged by the continued strength in the North American robotics market. The interest in robotics remains strong not just in North America, but all over the world, as companies recognize that robots can help them improve productivity, product quality, and flexibility." 

RobotWorx' location in Marion, Ohio truly facilitates its business as a used robotics integrator. Former owner/president Keith Wanner estimated that 80% of the North American robotics industry is located within a 200-mile radius from RobotWorx' Ohio location; 50% in Michigan and 20-30% is in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. "It would be hard to do what we are doing west of the Mississippi," Wanner said. "If we were in Iowa, for instance, our business wouldn't be economically feasible."

While RobotWorx' strong online presence helps them to reach a global market, their Ohio location provides the tools to support customers. Ohio's used industrial robot market is supported by the location of major robot manufacturersFANUC Robotics America, Inc., ABBOTC Daihen, and Motoman have facilities and/or headquarters in this region. Additionally, automotive giants and a host of other manufacturing companies provide a steady stream of used robots for RobotWorx' refurbishing needs.

RobotWorx has been able to use this clustering to their advantage. Through the networking and business with these leading robot manufacturing companies, used industrial robot integrators, like RobotWorx, have access to robots and parts. This proximity helps RobotWorx provide faster service to their customers and meet other business needs.

The prevalence of the used robotics market in the Rustbelt is occurring as the factories are closing and are looking to sell their equipment. Because of their excellent location in Ohio, RobotWorx is able to provide customers with perfectly good, reconditioned robots at nearly half (if not more than half) of the new price.  

It is easy to become hesitant when thinking about purchasing a used robot,  however you will quickly see the advantages can mirror those of hiring older and wiser employees: experience and dependability.  Additionally, each reconditioned robot goes through an comprehensive reconditioning and inspection process.  

Additional advantages of automating, especially with used robotics, can help to increase product quality, consistency, and save a lot of money, making the ROI fast and easy (sometimes within a year or less). Take a look at this beneficial calculator provided on the website to help shoppers estimate the ROI of buying a robot. 

Overall, it is easy to see that the sale of new and used robots on manufacturer's floor is on the rise. Technologies are steadily improving and advancing at hugely beneficial levels at the same time as prices are coming down. RIA recently released a statistic that said robots ordered from North America have increased 14% in units and 11% in dollars since 2014. RIA is also estimating that around 260,000 robots are now being used in factories nationwide, which is third to Japan and China in robot use.

RobotWorx takes pride in customer’s happiness and confidence in their purchases, offering training, a warranty, and  support with every robotic purchase. Don't miss out on your chance to integrate a robot onto your production line. Contact RobotWorx experts online or at 740-251-4312 to find out how beneficial the integration of a refurbished or new robot will be.  RobotWorx has a wide selection of used robots in Ohio, available today! 

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