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Robotic Parts Explained

Robot Sensor Sensor - Sensors measure attributes and interact with external events. Using a transducer, the sensor transforms the energy associated with what is being measured into another form of energy. In robotics, some of the items sensors measure include speed, orientation, and proximity of other objects.
Robot Controller Controller - This regulating device initiates one or more functions of operation in the robot arm, such as starting, stopping, reversing, and changing speeds by issuing a preset list of commands.
Robot Actuators Actuator - The actuators are the motors and drives inside the robot body that are used to create and control motion. There are many types of actuators.
Robot Mechanism Mechanisms and Kinematics - The mechanism is the arrangement of the connected parts. The kinematic structure of a robot refers to the indentification of the joint connection between its links. It can be usefully represented by abstract diagrams.