Better Palletizing with Motoman PalletSolver Software


Palletizing is one of the most important and widely used end-of-line robotic applications on the market and companies are constantly trying to improve it. Motoman Robotics’ latest innovation for improving palletization is PalletSolver. Motoman’s PalletSolver will help to streamline your palletizing process as it increases the ease of integration of Motoman's robots and enhances the company’s production line uptime. It is a comprehensive palletizing software suite with drag-and-drop and hot button features that enable fast robotic palletizing routines for a variety of SKUs.

PalletSolver has a very easy-to-use configuration; setup and customization routines offer your production line fast development and simple integration of robotic palletizing systems. Manufacturers will not have to endure long shutdowns for training purposes and can have the new automation up and running in no time, saving money on production costs.

This simple software tool will also create the perfect pallet patterns for your production needs, creating more variations quicker and more efficiently. It offers a scalable architecture that can handle single-line and complex multi-line palletizing, as well as single and multiple workcells. PalletSolve provides support for smart conveyors and offers label placement flexibility. Collisions with surrounding equipment are avoided with specifically designed interference zones that can limit arm movement based on your needs.

To further enhance the versatility, multiple gripper types can be used (fork, vacuum, clamp, bag) and dynamic gripper zones enable flexibility for handling various product sizes. It is very adaptable for various end-of-line processing requirements such as single infeed to multiple build stations or single infeed with multiple products to multiple build stations. PalletSolve can also accommodate virtually unlimited SKUs (stock keeping units).

Another great benefit that PalletSolver brings to the production line is the ability to increase uptime by enabling quick product changeovers. Pallet Solver by Motoman allows workers to generate patterns offline and changeover patterns for the palletizing system without having to stop production to validate the change. This means that products are palletized and prepped for shipping faster as well. This occurs because of  two components: PalletSolver-PC(offline) and PalletSolver-Online. The offline (PC-based) component offers development of pallet pattern generation and cell definition; the online (controller-based) carries through with the actual execution and optimization of the palletizing operations.

PalletSolver is compatible with the DX200MLX200, and DX100 controllers.

All in all, by investing in software like PalletSolver by Motoman, a manufacturer is going to see the palletizing they’ve come to expect from Motoman, with additional bonuses of a faster, more streamlined application.

If you are interested in learning more about PalletSolver or other application software from Motoman then you should contact the representatives at RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics. Our staff will work with you to help you build and customize your perfect robotic system, while also getting you the best deals on software and other features. For more information, contact the experts at RobotWorx today, online or at 740-251-4312.

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