Customized RobotWorx Welding Workcells

RobotWorx customized workcells

For over two decades, RobotWorx experts have listened, studied, and learned what would make the best, most efficient workcell for our customer's production lines.  We have used this knowledge and experience to create our own line of customizable RobotWorx workcells.  

Throughout the entire process we have focused on quality solutions at a lower price, offering both new and reconditioned robots, workcells, and parts. These workcells offer multiple layouts and solutions for several applications, such as arc weldingmaterial handling and material removal; they also can be used for businesses large or small. Purchasing a complete workcell through RobotWorx helps to offer huge safety benefits and even an increased product throughput.

The following is a list of our specialized RobotWorx workcells that are all flexible, full of safety features, and sure to enhance your production line quality. 

The RW 750: The RW750 can be customized further based on your specific needs. The 750 RobotWorx workcell is 1525 mm wide x 2560 mm deep but with peripherals (HMI, operator station, door motor) it can be as wide as 2200 mm. Designed to be used with a Motoman UP6Motoman EA1400FANUC Arc Mate 100, or comparable, the RW750 will provide a safe, compact,and flexible solution for your production line. 

The RW 850: Sure to increase your production, improve worker safety, and enhance the overall product quality, the RW850 is ready to work on your line. The foot print is 68”w x 118”d  with a 30” x 48” stationary table, and hinged front door for easily loading parts. Additionally, there is a Troax weld screen for safety. Any FANUC, Motoman, ABB, or KUKA robot can be paired with the RW850 workcell. 

The RW 900: Featuring a 180 degree manual turn table and reconditioned welding robot, the RW900 is the perfect solution to help cut the cost of your welding application.  This cell is fully enclosed with an integrated safety circuit, standard 60' diameter table top, smaller footprint, door interlock on main door, and divider on table to block arc glare.

The RW 950: To advance your production line even further, consider the RW950 workcell. This welding workcell is built with a common base and forklift pockets making it very easy to move and maneuver. The RW950 can be customized with any small to medium size robot with tables ranging from 60" to 72."  There is also a 180 degree indexing table to help speed up, yet simplify operation. The entire system is enclosed with an arc glare safety fence and whatever other safety needs your production line requires can be custom fit to the RW950.

The RW 1000: The RW1000 workcell can be customized to specifically fit your needs. It is equipped with a welding robot of your choice, standard tooling envelope, robot zone ring and switches, and auto up/down with limit switches. 

The RW 1050: Whatever your welding application, product, or facility requirement, RobotWorx can customize the RW1050 and make it make your production line sing. Customer's can choose from a Motoman EA1400FANUC Arc Mate 100iC, or any other mid-sized arc welding robot. A complete welding dress-out package is part of the system. Flexibility is abound with the RW1050.  It has a 180 degree indexing table allowing for dual station operations. It is also very compact and very easy to maneuver and and install, allowing your production line to be completely flexible. Safety is of no concern with the RW1050's rigid steel beam enclosure, hard fencing doors with interlocks and an arc-glare divider.

We are proud to continue to thrive in the robot industry and help our customer's create a competitive advantage with these particular workcells. RobotWorx experts take pride in their customer service and ability to help produce better results with their customized RW workcells. We are integrators for a variety of manufacturers such as ABB, KUKA, FANUC, and Motoman

To get started customizing your RobotWorx workcell, contact representatives today online or at 740-251-4312.

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