Decreasing Product Damage with KUKA Material Handling Robots


One of the biggest problems that manufacturers face when dealing with manual material handling processes is product damage.  A human worker is not going to grab every product with the same amount of force every single time, and that could cause damage to the product, or even render it useless. Plus there is the possibility that a human worker could drop an item, causing damage. When you invest in material handling robots from KUKA Robotics, these fears become a thing of the past.

When manufacturers are faced with product damage, it is not just that the product itself is damaged, but also that if the product cannot be repaired, it turns into waste, and that means lost revenue. When manufacturers switch to robotic material handlers from KUKA, they can be assured that grippers will pick up and handle each product in a specific line with the same amount of force, ensuring no damage comes to the products. They also are not in danger of accidentally dropping products, which also decreases the amount of damage, and by extension waste, that the company has to account for over time.

There are also fewer errors in other areas when switching from manual labor to KUKA material handling robots. Robots do not mistake products and put them in the wrong boxes, or put too many or too little of something in a package. These are mistakes that could affect the health or well-being of your customers, and with robotic automation, these fears can also evaporate.

Are you interested in learning more about automated material handling from KUKA Robotics? If so, you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for KUKA Robotics, today. RobotWorx employees will help you find the robot system you need to fit your budget and facility.

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