Getting a grip on bag grippers


Need help palletizing bags of mulch, grain, potting soil, etc.? Worried about puncturing the bag and compromising the product? Choosing the right robotic bag gripper to automate your process is important and RobotWorx can integrate customized or pre-engineered robotic bag grippers.  

The most common bag gripper available has two large jaws with several prongs on either side that close vertically and cradles the bag it picks up. They are often utilized in palletizing applications to stack large bags of product in a precise way. 

RobotWorx is capable of either custom designing a gripper based on product size, shape, weight, orientation and handling requirements. There are also pre-engineered options from multiple sources that can implemented on the end of the robot arm. 

There are multiple ways to set up a bag gripper to fit into track or pallet slots appropriately. Having the cradles, or fingers, slide under the bag is extremely efficient and greatly reduces risk of puncturing the bag.

The accuracy that is added through the use of a robot arm and gripper allows more product to be loaded onto a pallet in a shorter amount of time, saving the manufacturer time and money. 

Our robotic integration experience has included many palletizing robots with specialized end effectors, such a bag grippers. We carry a large variety of palletizers to include new or refurbished robots. All used robots go through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process to restore the robot to like-new condition.  These used palletizing robots allow for cheaper options, while still preserving the integrity of the system.

For more information about bag grippers or palletizing robots, contact us here or call us at 740-251-4312.

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