Prepping the Robot – RobotWorx Inspection Process


When a used robot comes into RobotWorx, it has usually been in a factory for quite a while. For these used robots, RobotWorx becomes the fountain of youth, restoring them to their long forgotten glory. The road to redemption is not an easy one for these robots, but RobotWorx has a process that will make that road easy and painless.

Every acquired robot that passes through the doors of RobotWorx gets a thorough inspection. What does the Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Report entail? First, every part of the robot is powered up and checked to ensure the voltage is coming into the robot, and that there are no cut wires or cables that could be inhibiting the robot’s ability to power up.

Once that part is finished, the robot moves on to grease, where every single gear from top to bottom gets new grease in it. RobotWorx does this no matter what, ensuring that each robot in their shop has been recently greased. While greasing the robot, techs check the robot gears for metal shavings, ground down teeth, or slop, all which could inhibit the robot’s performance.

After finishing with the grease process, and ensuring that all of the air bubbles are out of the new grease, the robot travels to the next stop on its transformation – dry ice cleaning. Dry ice cleaning is an important part of any robot’s refurbishing at RobotWorx. While dry ice cleaning is similar to sand blasting, it doesn’t have the same potential for danger. Unlike a sand blasting gun, which typically only has one setting, a dry ice cleaning system has a wand with three settings. The high setting could take the paint off the robot, while the lowest setting can be used to lightly clean the wires inside the robot housing.

Finally, once the robot is clean, it is time to travel to the paint room, where the robot is painted with a two-part apoxy paint, which adheres well to the robot, and can withstand a variety of conditions.

Overall, the robot inspection process performed by RobotWorx is one of the most complete, thorough reconditioning processes in the integration industry. Our job is to ensure that the only difference between a new robot and a refurbished robot is the price.

Every robot purchased from RobotWorx includes the RobotWorx Value Package.

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