The Speed of the ABB Plasma Welding Robot


There are a variety of arc welding applications on the market that are able to be automated with robots. One of those applications is an extension of TIG welding – plasma welding. ABB Robotics makes a high quality line of arc welding robots that are move at a high rate of speed, and their plasma welding robots are no exception. With an ABB plasma welding robot, manufacturers are going to achieve the welding speeds they once thought was impossible with a manual application.

There are many advantages to plasma welding with an ABB robotic system, but one of the biggest, as with many welding automation systems, is the ability to weld faster than a manual welder ever could. A plasma welding system can move 3-4 times faster than a human welder, and the robot is able to stay on a programmed path, without having to routinely stop and check the weld progress. Also, an ABB robotic plasma welder is able to work for 2-3 shifts a day, 365 days a year, without requiring days off or vacations.

Another advantage to using an ABB plasma welder is the ability to control how the part is being welded, while also controlling the welding quality on the part. By having control of the arc during the welding process, welds are able to come out cleaner and smoother, which cuts down on the amount of post weld work necessary for the part to be finished.

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