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FANUC M-16iB/10L
M-16iB/10L Information

The FANUC M-16iB/10L brings its long reach as well as its  six axes and modular construction, electric servo-driven self to your production line. The M-16iB/10L was designed for various industrial processes, including material handling and dispensing. 

The M16iB/10L RJ3iB is compact in design with improved motion range and speed and works well in narrow settings. It lengthens the horizontal reach of the standard version to 1885 mm and has a payload of 10 kg.  The FANUC M 16iB/10L also allows high-density installation of robots and peripherals.

RobotWorx also excels at refurbishing used robots. The experts at RobotWorx work hard to send all used FANUC M-16iB/10L robots through an intense refurbishment process, making them as good as new. Each new or used M-16iB/10L also comes with the RobotWorx Value Package

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 10kg
H-Reach: 1885mm
Repeatability: ± 0.10mm
Robot Mass: 230kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: floor, ceiling, angle, wall
Robot Motion Speed
J1 165 °/s (2.88 rad/s)
J2 165 °/s (2.88 rad/s)
J3 175 °/s (3.05 rad/s)
J4 350 °/s (6.11 rad/s)
J5 340 °/s (5.93 rad/s)
J6 520 °/s (9.08 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 ±170°
J2 +160° - 90°
J3 +285° - 170°
J4 ±200°
J5 ±140°
J6 ±450°
Robot Controllers
Robotic Applications
Material Handling