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M-410iW Information

The FANUC M-410iW is a used palletizing robot that has four axes and a high level of speed and repeatability. The capability to lift a 100kg payload make the used FANUC M-410iW RJ2 the perfect palletizing robot and can help increase productivity.

The reconditioned FANUC M410iW has a large work envelope that makes it a great palletizing robot because it can cover a larger area. The wide range of motion on the used M-410iW can run a large number of cycles, with the potential of 1100 cycles per hour. It will be paired with the RJ2 controller. 

RobotWorx representatives work hard to bring all of their refurbished robots to like-new condition; all used robots come with the RobotWorx Value Package

Robot Specifications
Axes: 4
Payload: 100kg
H-Reach: 3139mm
Repeatability: ± 0.5mm
Robot Mass: 1500kg
Structure: Vertical Articulated
Mounting: upright
Robot Motion Speed
J1 105 °/s (1.83 rad/s)
J2 100 °/s (1.75 rad/s)
J3 120 °/s (2.09 rad/s)
J4 235 °/s (4.1 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 ±180°
J2 +100° - 45°
J3 +10° - 125°
J4 ±270°
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