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M-6iB/6C Information

The FANUC M-6iB/6C is the class 100 cleanroom variant of the FANUC M-6iB.  The FANUC M6iB/6C RJ3iB brings reliability to cleanroom applications, especially in electronics and pharmaceuticals. 

The standard capabilities alone provide amazing dexterity and reliability that make this robot the perfect solution for countless applications.  The FANUC M-6iB/6C has 6 degrees of freedom, +/- 0.08 repeatability, and can work with a 6 kg payload. It also has versatile options with the compact size, small footprint, and various mounting options. 

Relability is what this robot was designed for with its RV reducer, gear and harmonic drive-trains (getting rid of unreliable belts, pulleys, and chains), grease fittings on lubrication points, and brushless motors. 

In addition, there are some unique options for software upgrades such as singularity avoidance, AccuDeflash for plastic deflashing, internet connectivity, and KAREL programming language. 

The experts at RobotWorx also provide used FANUC M6iB/6C robots that are in mint condition. Every used M-6iB/6C goes through an intense refurbishment process and comes with the RobotWorx Value Package.

Paired with the equally intelligent and reliable RJ3iB, the new or used FANUC M-6iB/6C will be the the perfect solution for your application. 

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 6kg
H-Reach: 1373mm
Repeatability: ± 0.08mm
Robot Mass: 145kg
Structure: Articulated, Gantry
Mounting: Floor, Inverted
Robot Motion Speed
J1 150 °/s (2.62 rad/s)
J2 160 °/s (2.79 rad/s)
J3 170 °/s (2.97 rad/s)
J4 400 °/s (6.98 rad/s)
J5 400 °/s (6.98 rad/s)
J6 520 °/s (9.08 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 ±340°
J2 ±250°
J3 ±315°
J4 ±380°
J5 ±280°
J6 ±720°
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