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FANUC Ferris Wheel System
Ferris Wheel System Information

The Fanuc Ferris Wheel Workcell is designed to save space and enhance operator safety. This design accommodates two or three robotic welders to increase production and improve performance on large parts.

This workcell includes up to three medium reach Fanuc robots, controls, and teach pendants. Servo controlled Fanuc head/tailstocks can be used in conjunction with a ferris wheel indexing table for maximum part access. A complete safety package includes such components as hard fencing, arc glare divider, door interlocks, and light curtains. This system is equipped with a PanelView operator interface.

Ferris Wheel System Movies
Workcell Features
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Enhances operator station
  • Advanced welding and safety features
  • Handles 2 to 3 FANUC robots
Workcell Specifications
Robot Arm 2 to 3 FANUC arc welding robots
Power Source & Feeder PowerWave power source & AutoDrive wire drive
Weld Cell Controls Intuitive push button operator controls
Safety Fully integrated safety rated devices
Weight Capacity Up to 8000 lbs per side