Are Custom Workcells Available?

Pre-engineered, custom-built workcells are easy to install and use. RobotWorx workcells are seamless units that include integrated robots, safety systems, controllers, and teach pendants.

RobotWorx tailors workcells for specific applications and products. Workcells are very attractive to many companies because they offer plug and play simplicity.

customized robot workcells

Custom Work Cell Benefits

Custom workcells offer many benefits. Companies value their quick installation, ease of use, and flexibility. These benefits result in a reduction of engineering time, which translates into less risk and greater direct savings. These workcells can also come equipped with safety options to protect your workers.

The use of popular robot models in customized workcells leads to a readily-available supply of replacements parts, making this option still more inviting.

A Flexible Solution

A customized workcell combines the benefits of a pre-engineered cell with the flexibility of a custom solution. This flexibility allows assembly lines to evolve at a manageable pace, changing easily. That is what makes this solution more attractive to lean manufacturers who favor a smaller capital expenditure.

RobotWorx creates and integrates custom workcells. We build systems using Motoman, Fanuc, ABB, and other robots.

Contact our sales department at 877-762-6881 for more information on custom workcells or our turnkey integration packages.