Do You Sell Tooling Such As Robot Grippers?

Robot grippers are a type of end of arm tooling (EOAT) used to move parts from one location to another. They can be driven with hydraulics, electrics, or pneumatics. Dual grippers offer quick part changeovers. Vacuum grippers and electromagnets also offer flexibility in the size and shape of a product.

Selecting Your Gripper:

Robot grippers are often selected by the amount of force that the gripper applies to a part. The style of the robotic tooling jaw that is used plays a major roll in determining the force required in a gripper application. Hard jaws provide precision but lack flexibility. Soft jaws offer compliance and allow for part variations.

Robotic Gripper Jaw Styles: Friction vs. Encompassing

Friction grippers rely totally on the force of the gripper to hold the part. The squeeze of the gripper does all the work. Encompassing grippers add stability and power by cradling the part. This option is more forceful because the jaw must be driven open for a part to be dropped.

The encompassing style is preferred for its strength and stability, however the amount that the jaw encompasses must be subtracted from the usable stroke. The weight of the part that the gripper experiences, both from gravity and from acceleration, is a critical factor in determining the required gripper force.

The torque created by the gripper is also critical to the gripper selection process. Jaw torque comes from two sources: the torque generated by the gripper and the torque generated by the acceleration and weight of the part.


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