Does RobotWorx Buy Or Sell Used Robots?

At RobotWorx, a used robot is more than just a pre-owned robot, controller, and teach pendant. Used industrial robots purchased from RobotWorx come fully reconditioned and inspected and can be integrated into the same variety of robotic applications originally designed for. RobotWorx takes extra steps to provide customers with a great product at an affordable price, allowing a quicker return on investment.

RobotWorx Buys and Sells Used Robots

Our used robots are put through a thorough reconditioning checklist which includes harmonic drives and belt assembly, inspection, cleaning, lubrication and part replacement as needed. RobotWorx conducts a comprehensive inspection of the batteries, wire harnesses, and bearings. We provide a comprehensive reconditioning and inspection report with all used robot systems.

Once a used robot has been reconditioned, we can customize end of arm tooling and functionality based on the application requirements needed.

Finally, our customers are invited to our facility for free system training (for up to 3 people, with the option to add more if needed). Each robot system is ran through a functionality demonstration. Technicians are encouraged to take the teach pendant into their hand and within a couple hours they are comfortable with the robot programming. We are also available after integration to assist with any questions you may have.

Buying An Used Robot?

RobotWorx has a large selection of used industrial robots from top brands like Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, Universal and ABB. If you are interested in buying reconditioned used robots, contact our sales department at 877-762-6881.

Have Used Robots For Sale?

Great! We offer top dollar for pre-owned robots used for industrial automation. If you are interested in selling a used robot, workcell or even parts, contact an acquisitions specialist at 877-762-6881.