Does RobotWorx Have Articulated Arm Robot Solutions?

An articulated robot arm is a robot with rotary joints. Articulated robots can be used for a wide variety of robotic applications. They are also known as a jointed-arm robots.

Six Axis Robot

The articulated robot arm has a trunk, shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and wrist. With the ability to rotate all the joints, a majority of these robots have six degrees of freedom.

  • Axis 1 - Arm sweeps from side to side
  • Axis 2 - Shoulder moves forward and backward.
  • Axis 3 - Elbow moves up and down.
  • Axis 4 - Middle of forearm pivots up and down.
  • Axis 5 - Wrist moves up and down.
  • Axis 6 - Wrist sweeps from side to side.

Movement is made in three ways: pitch is up and down movement, yaw is right and left movement, and roll is rotation. This mobility allows articulated robots to be used for tasks such as welding, painting, and assembly.

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