Does RobotWorx Refurbish Robotic Systems?

Interested in saving up to 50% on your next robot purchase? RobotWorx refurbishes used industrial robots, extending their life and restoring the integrity of the robot. All used robots are put through a rigorous refurbishing process, offering a more affordable option without sacrificing quality.

RobotWorx specializes in completely overhauling used robot systems from the top manufacturers and returning them to full working condition. We offer excellent savings on used Fanuc, Motoman, ABB and KUKA robots.

Refurbished Industrial Robot

Refurbished Robot Process:

  • Comprehensive Inspection - We have a thorough checklist that reports the health and quality of the entire robot system, to include the condition of the manipulator and control cabinet.
  • Replacement - RobotWorx replaces any faulty equipment.
  • Testing - Each system is fully tested for repeatability and reliability.
  • Painting - RobotWorx uses a special dry ice cleaning process that preserves the integrity of all robotic parts.
  • Lubrication - New grease and lubrications are applied for smooth running gears and axes.

For more details, check out the Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Report. All of our robot systems come with the RobotWorx Value Package, giving our customers even more benefits for working with us.

If you are interested in buying a robot system that has completed our refurbishing process, contact our sales department at 877-762-6881.

RobotWorx also buys used robotic systems. If you are interested in selling us a system for refurbishing, contact an acquisitions specialist at 877-762-6881.