How Do I Order A Custom Designed Work Cell?

Custom robot workcells

Ordering a custom designed work cell is easy at RobotWorx. Simply call the sales team at 877-762-6881 or submit an online order form.

Robot Workcells

Workcells are complete robot systems. They include a robot manipulator, peripherals, EOAT, complete safety system, and all the programming to match a specific part/application. A custom workcell is built to fit individual specifications and requirements.

Custom Engineering

RobotWorx' sales and engineering staff works with customers to design the best work cell solution. Using the part, application, reach, footprint, and payload requirements, we can quickly suggest specific robot models and system configurations. Our engineers also use CAD to provide a 3D view of your workcell configuration to help you establish the right size, robot and efficiency to save you money.

RobotWorx keeps unique production goals in mind when building efficient, quality-driven systems. Custom designed workcells provide effective solutions for difficult applications or unique products. In other cases, customized workcells provide flexibility for changing parts or tasks.

Cost-Effective Solutions

RobotWorx' work cells are affordable. We are able to work with any budget because we carry both new and refurbished robots. Used robots typically cost 50% less than comparable new models. Achieve higher, more effective production with robotic automation, while maintaining a budget.

Will it Work for You?

Still unsure whether a custom designed work cell is right for you? RobotWorx offers free feasibility studies. The engineering staff can also supply CAD drawings, simulations, and alternative estimates to help you make an informed decision. We are dedicated to creating the best solution for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and robot system estimate.