How Does RobotWorx Evaluate My Robot?

A robot evaluation is an important step in determining the value of a used robot. When you contact RobotWorx about selling a robot, each robot system is evaluated for top dollar purchase. The robot is evaluated based on the condition of the robot manipulator and the control cabinet.

Robot Evaluation by RobotWorx

Initial questions about your industrial robot:

  • The age of the equipment
  • The model series and the controller model
  • The previous use of the robot and maintenance record
  • The length of time in production
  • The working state and availability of parts
  • The current market demand for that robot model
  • The flexibility of the robot system

A robot's value is increased when it includes:

  • Functioning teach pendant with no damage
  • Full set of servo amps
  • All circuit boards in the controller
  • Intact cables
  • Complete wiring harnesses

Items that reduce the value of a used robot include:

  • Missing or damaged motors and encoders
  • Incomplete wire harness
  • Missing covers from the robot arm
  • Cannon connections cracked or broken

Robot Manipulator Assessment Points:

  • General functionality
  • Presence and condition of all motors and encoders
  • Completeness of the internal wire harness
  • Presence of the covers on the arm
  • Condition of the cannon connectors on the back of the arm

Control Cabinet Assessment Points:

  • Availability and condition of the teach pendant
  • Status of the servo amps
  • Presence of all circuit boards
  • Physical condition of the cables that connect to the robot
  • Completeness of the wire harnesses

The final value of the robot is determined, in large part, by these items. It is also important to note if the robot was in working condition when it was removed from service and approximately how many hours it was in service.

We will provide a bid on a used robot based on these factors during our checklist evaluation. If your robot is satisfactory based on this checklist, it will get top dollar from RobotWorx.

See the robot brands we buy. If you would like to sell us your used robot, please contact us or call 877-762-6881.