Is A Refurbished Robot Right For My Business?

Refurbished Robots are repaired, rebuilt, and cleaned in order to re-enter the automation market. They are also called re-manufactured, reconditioned, or rebuilt robots. You can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing affordable refurbished robots while maintaining the same productivity levels as new ones. However, it's important to understand proper reconditioning processes and what to look out for.

6 Great Tips for Buying a Refurbished Robot

1. Review Quality Standards

RobotWorx maintains high standards when purchasing used robotic equipment. We ensure that the robot systems have been maintained at high performance levels and operated in clean factory and manufacturing environments where there is mechanical part upkeep. All robots purchased from us comes with a warranty, training, functionality demonstration, reconditioning and inspection report, customer support and service.

2. Avoid Hidden Costs

Is the robot you are considering completely refurbished? Repair costs can erase any discount advantage to purchasing used. When you buy from RobotWorx, you do not have to worry about these financial risks by performing a complete and thorough reconditioning process. We replace, clean, inspect and thoroughly test every robot for integrity and performance. You can rely on our workmanship and rest assured with our full warranty and direct customer support.

3. Choose Well-Known Brands

When purchasing used robots, it is wise to choose major robotic manufacturers. Well-known products are easier to work with because they are normally higher quality. RobotWorx is a resource for top brand robotic equipment from Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, ABB and Universal Robots.

4. Consider Refurbishment Policies

Every robotics company has a different set of refurbishment policies and guidelines. Ensure the integrator has the right equipment and expertise to perform repairs and maintenance. After final inspection, a robotic system is outfitted with a full warranty. Our refurbished robotic systems are fully functional and returned to like-new condition. We guarantee an excellent product, quality integration, support, and training.

5. Require a Warranty

Avoid buying robots without warranties or with warranties that are less than what is considered standard for completely new robots. At RobotWorx, every refurbished robot comes with a full warranty, to include parts and labor for 1 year!

6. Test the Robot System

It is wise to give the robot a thorough test run at the time it is received to ensure there are not any obvious problems. At RobotWorx, we encourage our customers to visit our facility and test their robotic systems prior to shipment. Customers are able to test-run products and work with technicians to make every necessary change before a system ships.

For more information on refurbished robots, please see our refurbishing process or contact our service department at 877-762-6881.