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Can RobotWorx Replace My Teach Pendant?

A teach pendant is a handheld device that is used with a robot controller to move, program, and run industrial robots. It normally has a display, keypad, and an emergency stop switch. The programming language varies with manufacturer and controller model, but several newer teach pendants have a Windows-like setup for easy use.

Robot Teach Pendants

We know that wires get ran over and pendants get dropped! RobotWorx will be happy to assist in finding you a new or reconditioned teach pendant. We work with Motoman, FANUC, KUKAABB, and Universal Robots.

Check out our large inventory of teach pendants, including some of the older models no longer supported by the manufacturer.

The robot technicians at RobotWorx will help you find a replacement teach pendant. Please use our contact form, or call the service department at 740-251-4312.