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Can you explain how a robot works?

An industrial robot works with accuracy, efficiency and speed. How does it get these results? Understanding the main components helps to explain how a robot works.

Manipulator: The robot manipulator is the name for the long, jointed arm and wrist of a robot. The manipulator allows the robot to extend, turn, and reach with varying degrees of freedom. The movements of the manipulator are determined by its axes of motion. Typical industrial robots perform their work with 4-6 axes.

EOAT: The end of arm tooling works with the robot by manipulating the part. From welding torches, to grippers, or saws, EOAT are an integral part of robotic anatomy.

Controller: The industrial robot works with the support and brain-power provided by the controller. Controllers are programmed using a hand-held device called a teach pendant. The programs are stored in the controller, which communicates them to the robot.

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