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How Can Industrial Robots Improve My Profits?

Industrial robots are the principle tools for automating industrial processes. They are mechanically controlled and re-programmable, which makes them an excellent option for flexible automation. Capable of serving more than one purpose, multi-axis robots are used for arc welding, material handling, palletizing, plasma cutting, and other automated applications. The most common types of industrial robots are articulated robots.Robot Advantages

Industrial robots Increase Profits By:

  • Reducing Overhead
  • Deceasing Part Cycle Time
  • Increasing Part Quality
  • Reducing Material Waste

RobotWorx is a robotics company that buys and sells new and reconditioned industrial robots. We offer top manufacturers such as Motoman, FANUC and ABB. We specialize in refurbishing used robots and customizing them to fit our customers' needs. RobotWorx also sells robotic workcells and parts at a reduced price.  

By purchasing refurbished robotic systems, customers achieve automation for a fraction of the cost of a new robotic system. Find out about the cost of new vs. used robots here.  We integrate industrial robots for a variety of applications. Robot training and full warranties are available with different robot packages.

RobotWorx not only sells new and reconditioned robotic systems, but we buy used robotic systems for top dollar. If you have excess or outdated industrial robots, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 for more information.