How do I choose the right robot?

When it comes to choosing the right robot, RobotWorx is here to simplify the decision-making process. 

how to choose the right industrial robot

Begin by asking yourself some basic questions:

  • New or Refurbished? 

    Decide whether you'd rather have a brand new model or a thoroughly refurbished used robot. Choosing a refurbished robot allows for savings between 50-60%.  

  • Which Application?

    Narrow your search by application. The types of robots used to automate an arc welding, spot welding, and material handling job vary.   

  • What Payload?

    Choose a robot based on the right payload capacity. When figuring out this measurement, consider both the EOAT and the part being lifted.    

  • Which Reach? 

    What type of work envelope do you want your robot to have? The reach will help you zero in on the right solution.   

  • Which Manufacturer? 

    RobotWorx carries many different robots from a variety of manufacturers. Some customers are careful to match their existing equipment while others try something new.

Contact RobotWorx: Our team of sales representatives and robot engineers is ready to discuss your options. Speak with a robot specialist at 740-251-4312. Use this form to e-mail requests directly to the RobotWorx sales department.