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How does automation benefit both small and large companies?

Competitive Edge
The benefits of automation extend to every company, regardless of size. Robots keep companies competitive in today's tough global market. Automation leads fewer companies to move production overseas. Robotics systems have increased product quality and productivity.

automation benefits large and small companies

Not Small Anymore
With the introduction of robots, a company's size is no longer an issue. Small companies are able to compete with larger corporations. Many companies with fewer than 100 workers are automating. This trend is facilitated by the increased affordability of industrial robots. Remaining competitive does not always require dozens of robots. According to statistics, 95% of automation customers have five or fewer robots.

Cutting Costs
Automation conserves material and financial resources. Wasted product is no longer a problem. Production time is faster, more efficient and untiring than ever before. The return on investment (ROI) makes automation well worth the initial outlay.

Our Solutions
RobotWorx  integrates new and refurbished robotic systems for any company, large or small. We specialize in building turnkey work cells that maximize savings and productivity. Call our sales department at 740-251-4327 for more information.