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What are my robot options based on maximum reach?

Robot reach is the distance from the center of the robot to the fullest extension of the robotic arm. This measurement determines the robot's work envelope. RobotWorx makes it easy to shop for robots based on the maximum reach.

maximum reach robots

Our technical support staff will help you determine the correct reach measurement to fit your robotic application. Every robot model has a different maximum reach. They can be found on the RobotWorx manufacturer pages: Motoman robot reach, FANUC robot reach, KUKA robot reach, and ABB robot reach.

Currently, FANUC's longest reach robot can reach 4684mm, Motoman's longest reach robot can reach 4004mm, ABB's longest reach robot can reach 4200mm, and KUKA's longest reach robot can reach 3500mm.

If you have further questions about the best robot reach for your robot application, contact our technical support line at 740-251-4312.