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Which Motoman software maintenance tool is right for me?

Motoman RobotPro NX and RobotPro DX maintenance software tools are compatible with NX100 and DX100 controllers respectively. RobotPro software is designed to minimize downtime, aid in diagnosing problems, and simplify maintenance and repair procedures. It is the same software used by RobotWorx and Motoman service technicians. 

Robot Pro software is divided into three parts: Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Procedures. They can be purchased separately or as a set.  

RobotPro troubleshooting software saves time. When diagnosing a problem or figuring out an error code or alarm, technicians simply work their way through a series of questions. Once the questions have been answered, the software names the problem and provides procedural steps to take in fixing it. Diagrams and checklists provide clarity when making adjustments to voltage, wiring, etc. 

Preventive maintenance is very important to robot longevity. Motoman RobotPro software provides instructions for maintaining the robot - from daily tasks on up to 36,000 operating hours. It also provides a place to store maintenance records. This is especially helpful if there are many technicians/operators working on the same machines. Common maintenance tasks include changing grease, replacing controller batteries or wire harness, and various inspections.

This particular RobotPro software covers more involved repair needs such as replacing a driver, motor, or servopack. Step by step instructions and exploded parts diagrams allow technicians to perform repairs quickly and effectively.   

Contact RobotWorx, a Motoman Solution Provider, for more information about RobotPro software options and pricing: 740-251-4312.