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Which safety features are available for used robots?

Robotic Safety Resource
RobotWorx is an expert at outfitting used robotic systems with the latest safeguarding technology. We provide the best solutions, whether a workcell envelope requires light curtains, interlock switches, gates, mats or any other device.

safety features

Properly safeguarded robotic systems can save lives and company funding. The robot technicians and engineers evaluate every possible risk facing the worker and machine. We tailor safety systems to adhere to RIA/ANSI safety standards and the individual criteria of different customers.

Safety Integration
RobotWorx offers several types of perimeter, machine, and process safeguarding devices, which include:

  • Light curtains: Light beams communicate with photoelectric transmitters to stop robots when they sense movement.  
  • Safety Mats: Weight sensitive mats send signals to stop robots.   
  • Contact strips and bumpers: These pressure-sensitive devices stop robotic activity.
  • Switches: Interlocking switches are connected to the power source. When these guards are open, the machines switch off. 

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