What Are The Benefits Of A Robotic Cell?

There are many benefits to using a complete robotic workcell on your shop floor to improve productivity. A robotic cell is a system that includes one or multiple robots, End-Of-Arm-Tooling or End Effector, and a positioner within a safety environment.

Benefits of robotic systems include:

  • Increasing efficiency and product throughput
  • Enhancing product quality
  • Reducing labor and production costs
  • Decreasing downtime
  • Reducing waste
  • Creating a safer work environment

RobotWorx integrates pre-engineered workcells from FANUCYaskawa MotomanABB, and KUKA.  We also have our own line of pre-engineered cells for easy installation.

Need something customized? Not a problem! We have our own line of Custom Engineered Workcells built to your specific dimensions, configurations, applications or part manipulation requirements. 

Both types of workcells are available new or reconditioned and can be fitted with new or reconditioned robots. Providing the best robotic solution for your budget.

To ensure worker safety, RobotWorx also offers a variety of safety features such as light curtains, area scanners, glare screens and more. 

RobotWorx has integrated robotic cells for customers throughout North American for a large variety of applications. Maximize your return on investment by integrating a robot workcell. 

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