What Is Included In Robot Integration From RobotWorx?

Integration is the process of merging an industrial robot, peripherals, and manufacturing machinery into a production system that functions as a single unit. Robot integration allows industrial robots to perform specific manufacturing tasks and can lower costs, improve product quality, and decrease production time.

Robotic integration

RobotWorx excels at robotic integration and has been providing thousands of amazing automation solutions across the globe. Representatives are ready to listen and discuss your specific needs in order to help create the perfect automation solution for a quick and easy integration onto your production line.

When you call the experts at RobotWorx, you can expect to be asked questions such as: What application you are in need of automating (material handling, arc welding, drilling)? What type of material you will be working with? What parts do you already have on hand or will be needing? What are the weight, dimension, and reach requirements? What are the voltage or power supplies that will be necessary?

Once the basic application needs are gathered and understood, the experts at RobotWorx will then go through the robots they offer and help you select the ideal robot to get the job done. RobotWorx takes pride in the ability to cater to all kinds or customers and jobs and is focused on improving ROI with robotic system design; representatives will be sure to provide only the best.

For instance, if there was a welding application that needed an automation solution, experts would recommend a robot, along with any end of arm tooling needs that would suit the application, such as a welding torch and a welding power source. If it was a material handling application, representatives would help select or customize the perfect gripper, or if it was a drilling application, experts would help find just the right spindle. Since safety is of utmost importance when dealing with automation, RobotWorx representatives also help to determine where requirements are necessary, such as safety curtains, a complete workcell, type of positioner, and more.

Depending on the specific customer’s needs, RobotWorx can integrate any aspect of an automation solution from just the robot, to the robot and a customized EOAT, to a pre-engineered or even customized, turnkey workcell. Various robot integration packages are available for RobotWorx customers with Motoman, Fanuc, KUKA, and/or ABB robots.

All of our robots, packages, and workcells come with the RobotWorx Value Package and free training to make sure you are completely knowledgeable and comfortable programming your robot.

While RobotWorx is located in the Midwest, we sell robots throughout the world. Contact our sales department online or at 877-762-6881.