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Genesis Versa 3M
Versa 3M Information

The Genesis Versa 3M turnkey workcell increases productivity and throughput by providing a lean, pre-engineered solution to arc welding applications. An indexing turntable allows parts to be loaded on once side while the robot arm welds on the other. A panel separates the worker from the robot and provides shielding from arc glare and sparks.

With a 340 kilogram maximum payload capacity on either side of the table, the Genesis Versa 3M workcell can handle small, medium, and large parts along with the fixturing needed to hold them in place. The 1,803 millimeter table contains a hole in the center for cabling and hoses to reach fixturing and other accessories.

A complete safety package ensures that workers stay a safe distance form the workcell and will not get hurt. Light curtains and door interlocks shuts the workcell and robot down when they are activated. An e-stop push button is located on the operator station to allow the worker to stop the workcell in an emergency or malfunction.

Versa 3M Movies
Workcell Features
  • Fast index time
  • Robot and positioner on common base for easy transportation and installation
  • Compact design
  • High weight capacity
Workcell Specifications
Footprint 5, 250 mm x 2, 310 mm
Table Diameter 1803 mm
Weight Capacity 340 kg per side
Robot FANUC, Motoman, or KUKA arc welding robot
Safety Light curtains, door interlock, safety barriers, e-stop