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Genesis Versa 4M
Versa 4M Information

The Genesis Versa 4M workcell features a Ferris wheel-style positioner that accommodates large and high volume parts. The Versa 4M workcell can be customized to fit various part sizes and specifications. Tool length (the distance between the head stock and tail stock plates) is offered in three lengths: 2,438 mm, 3,048 mm, and 3,657 mm.

This workcell can be configured with one or two FANUC, Motoman, or KUKA arc welding robot arms. Larger, longer parts might require two robot arms to be able to reach the entire area that needs welded. Two robots provide for faster cycle times, as well.

Light curtains, door interlocks, enclosing barriers, and and emergency stop button make up the Versa 4M's safety package. Designed to keep workers out of harm's way, the safety features help increase productivity and efficiency by reducing downtime due to injuries.

Versa 4M Movies
Workcell Features
  • Ferris wheel positioner
  • Single or double robot configuration
  • Designed for large or high volume parts
  • Custom configurations to meet needs
  • Safety package
Workcell Specifications
Standard Tool Length 2, 438 mm
Weight Capacity 900 kg
Robot 1 or 2 FANUC, Motoman, or KUKA Arc Welding Robots
Safety Light curtains, door interlocks, enclosing barriers, e-stop