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Genesis Versa RC3L-XM
Versa RC3L-XM Information

The Genesis Versa RC3L XM industrial robot workcell automates arc welding applications with efficiency and quality. The center-mounted style of the robot(s) ensure maximum use of the work envelope and workcell footprint.

Most FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA arc welding robots can be mounted in the Versa RC3L XM workcell. The compact design and footprint of this workcell allows it to be placed in many areas of a facility. Multiple tooling lengths dictate the workcell's overall dimensions. Tooling lengths range from 2,000 mm with a 1,250 mm swing diameter to 3,000 mm with a 1,500 mm swing diameter.

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Workcell Features
  • Center mounted robot configurations
  • Various tool lengths and headstock/tailstock spans
  • Compact design
  • Safety package
  • Flexible
Workcell Specifications
Headstock/Tailstock span 2, 000 mm - 3, 000 mm
Weight Capacity 1, 000 kg
Robot 1 or 2 FANUC, Motoman, or KUKA arc welding robot
Safety Light curtains, door interlock, enclosing barriers, e-stop, arc glare and spark shield