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Genesis Versa RCTL
Versa RCTL Information

The Genesis Versa RCTL workcell features a compact design to automate arc welding of small to medium sized parts. The arc welding robot arm is mounted in the center of the system to best utilize its work envelope to be able to reach the part from many angles. The table rotates around the robot arm to expose the side where parts are loaded. The table spins back to shield the worker from the arc glare and welding sparks that are produced when the robot arm welds the part.

The safety package featured on the Genesis Versa RCTL workcell allows workers to operate the robotic system without fear of injury caused by the system. Light curtains, an emergency stop, and other safety components keep the workers at a safe distance form the working robot arm and workcell. If the worker gets to close to the working machinery, the workcell will shut down and need to be restarted at the operator station.

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Workcell Features
  • Center-mounted robot
  • Better utilization of robot work envelope
  • Compact design
  • Safety package
  • High weight capacity
Workcell Specifications
Table Diameter 2, 413 mm
Weight Capacity 680 kg
Robot FANUC, Motoman, or KUKA arc welding robot
Safety Light curtains, door interlock, enclosing barriers, e-stop, arc glare and spark shield