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KUKA Low Payload Robots

Due to their versatility and flexibility, the Kuka Low Payload models are used in most of the manufacturing industries. They are masterful movers in all installation positions, ideal for new space-saving, cost-effective concepts.


Reach: 1570mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1503mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1610mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1636mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1811mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1911mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 2016mm Payload: 8kg

Reach: 1611mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1610mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1610mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1610mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 1412mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 650mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1423mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1570mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1611mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 0mm Payload: 6kg

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