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KUKA KORE Educational Bundle
KORE Educational Bundle Information

The KUKA KORE bundle with cart is the advanced educational bundle.  This package is ideal for highly productive training on industrial robots.  

The Kuka KORE package includes a KUKA KR6 R 700 sixx robot arm, KRC4 compact controller with digital I/O, 24vdc power supply interface and documentation, KUKA smartPAD and holder, recovery USB, MEMD mastering set, expandable education cart, working range limitation A1, integration of robot in cart, and the advanced KORE Program Excercise Equipment.  

If you are looking for the ultimate learning experience to prepare you for a job with industrial robots, this package is a great choice.  For more information, please call in at 740-251-4312.

KORE Educational Bundle Movies
Workcell Features
  • KUKA KR6 R700 sixx Robot Arm
  • KRC4 Compact Controller
  • KUKA smartPAD
  • KUKA smartPAD holder
  • Recovery USB
  • 4 Meter Cables
  • MEMD Mastering Set
  • Working Range Limitation A1
  • Expandable Education Cart
  • Integration of Robot/Controller in Cart
  • KORE Program Exercise Equipment
Workcell Specifications
Controller KRC4 compact
Axes 6
Payload 6
Equipment KUKA KORE Exercise