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Motoman MLX100 Controller

Product Information

Motoman MLX100 controller is able to promote faster application development and the integration of Motoman robots by working with Rockwell ControlLogix program.  This unified structure is user-friendly through single programming interface and it is widely accepted, which makes the training and learning process much easier.  The drives are panel mounted thus allowing for easy assembly in the main control cabinet and a very efficient use of floor space. 

The single MLX100 can control and program up to 2 robots in the same workcell and consists of complete robot kinematics solution for coordinated motion of 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-axis.  The Rockwell platform also helps to ease any troubleshooting or maintenance.  . Additional simulation and development software packages are available to pair with the MLX100 from Motoman.

There are a variety of material handling robots the MLX100 can pair with, including picking, packing, assembly, and palletizing applications. Some of these models include the MH5S, the MH5LS, the SIA20D, the MPK50, the MPL80, the MPL300, and many more. 

Also, be sure to check out the new, improved, and upgraded model of this controller, the MLX200