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Motoman NXC100 Controller

Product Information

The Motoman NXC100 Controller is one of the smallest controllers in its class. Small, compact, sturdy, yet lightweight, the NXC100 can is easy to mount and can be done under conveyors, in control cabinets, or in other small places. Additionally, it controls the robot axes and can also control one external axis.

Specifically designed for the HP3, HP3XF, HP5, and HP3L robots, it is ideal for robotic applications that require multitasking such as small part handling, assembly, and packaging. The NXC100 controller features the same amount of memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), and uses the same Windows CE programming pendant as the standard NX100 controller.  Programming language Inform III is used with the NXC100 controller. It also features four levels of password security for up to 100 users and offers unmatched connectivity.