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Motoman ArcWorld 1000
ArcWorld 1000 Information

The self-contained Motoman ArcWorld 1000 is a pre-engineered arc welding workcell with a single robot and indexing rotary positioner. It is designed for high-volume production.

The AW1000 features a Motoman EA1400 robot arm with a NX100 controller. The MR-300, a 2-position rotary table with an arc screen divider, provides the positioner in this workcell. The divided table allows an operator to load and unload parts while the robot is welding. This table can easily handle single or multiple fixture part runs.

The Motoman Arc World 1000 includes the robotic arm, robot controller, integrated welding package, part positioner, operator station, and total safety environment. It ships preassembled for easy setup.

ArcWorld 1000 Movies
Workcell Features
  • Compact design
  • Indexing turntable
  • MR-300 positioner
  • Motoman welding robot arm
  • Common base
  • Safety package
Workcell Specifications
Footprint 4, 478 mm x 2, 285 mm
Robot EA1400 or HP20D
Controller NX100
Operator Station E-stop, push button cycle index, auto/manual selector switch