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Motoman ArcWorld 500
ArcWorld 500 Information

If you are seeking a versatile, medium  production workhorse, look no further than the ArcWorld 500. Delivering you optimal flexibility with its two headstock/tailstock positioners, the AW500 can conquer whatever your application demands. It offers more  robust capabilities than the compact ArcWorld workstations with a payload up to  550 kg. This makes the ArcWorld 500 the perfect answer for the  production of small-to-medium sized parts (up to 1 meter) and/or affordable  wire-to-weld solutions for medium-volume welding applications. 

The ArcWorld 500 arrives at your facility pre-assembled and ready for a quick and easy set-up, as well as a fast relocation, when needed.   Also included in the workcell package are the MA-series "Master Arc" welding robot; the DX-series robot controller with menu-driven arc-welding application software; an integrated welding package from your choice of top suppliers; two headstock/tailstock positioners; and a complete safety environment: walls, curtains, quick-cycle electric doors, which provides rapid operation with torque limits.

The AW500 is a very cost and space efficient workcell that gives you incredible amounts of flexibility. The two headstock/tailstock positioners can be tooled for different parts or work together for sequential operations.  This workcell offers your production line high robot utilization with no positioned index time and optimal productivity.

ArcWorld 500 Movies
Workcell Features
  • Pre-engineered
  • Weld solution for small to medium size parts
  • Electric door guard
  • Two stationary work-stations
  • One welding robot
Workcell Specifications
Guarding Electric door
Common base Standard
Number of robots 1
Welding Stations 2
Positioner type Headstock/Tailstock
Payload capacity 550
Max part size 1, 000 x 800 mm