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Motoman ArcWorld 6200
ArcWorld 6200 Information

The Motoman AW6200 features dual arc welding robots in the mid- reach and payload range. Positioned upon risers, the robots can simultaneously weld on a large part or multiple smaller parts. A headstock / tailstock Ferris Wheel positioner allows the AW6200 to weld on multiple planes.

An advantage to this positioner is the ability of the operator to load and unload parts from outside of the robot's work envelope. A metal arc screen creates a barrier and safeguards the operator from arc flash. The servo-controlled ferris-wheel can be coordinated with the robot through the teach pendant.

Designed for medium to high volume production, the ArcWorld 6200 is a turnkey workcell solution. The workcell includes two Motoman arc welding robots, such as the MA1400 or HP20D, robot controller, welding package, Ferris Wheel positioner, operator interface, and total safety environment.

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Workcell Features
  • Compatible with new or reconditioned Motoman welding robots
  • PLC and slip rings available for fixture control
  • Optional positioner spans
  • MRM2 tooling flip-over modification
  • Tip change window in fencing
  • Three AWIV-6000 independent servo motors on each axis
Workcell Specifications
Footprint 5, 486 mm x 4, 470 mm
Robots (2) MA1400, MA1900, MH6, HP20D-6, HP20D
Controller DX100
Operator Station E-stop, cycle start, alarm lamp, servo on, start, hold, reset, auto/manual selector switch
Positioner MRM2-250STN 250 kg maximum/side Ferris wheel positioner