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Motoman ArcWorld C-52S
ArcWorld C-52S Information

The Motoman ArcWorld C-52s is a compact, dual-station workcell that was created to enable a rate of high production without an increased footprint or integration complexity.  The dual station helps to eliminate sweep time of part.

The MA1440 arc welding robots (backed by the industry’s only two-year torch cable warranty) offer a 15% reduction in cycle time.  The VA1400 is unique because it is a 7-axis robot and the added “elbow” axis allows it to easily bend around the center partition.  

Designed to work with high-mix production of small-to-medium sized parts, the C-52s workcell’s dual-station comes complete with two MH185 headstocks. The high payload capacity of the headstock means that a tailstock is not required.

Installation and relocation are a breeze as it is mounted on a common base. The power supplies and controller are on a sub-base for easier servicing pull-out access.

This work cell has powered roll-up doors to help improve operator ergonomics. For additional safety, the robot operation is interlocked with roll-up doors to ensure the operator is safe during part load/unload.

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Workcell Features
  • Compact workcell
  • High production
  • Quick installation
  • Small footprint
Workcell Specifications
Robots MA1440 or VA1400 II
Max Tooling Diameter 550 x 700 each
Headstock 2 MH185 headstocks
Controller DX200
Welding Package ArcWorld Welding Package
Safety Tool Safety Environment