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Motoman ArcWorld II200
ArcWorld II200 Information

The dual-station Motoman Arc World II-200 easily handles small-to-medium sized parts and quick tooling changes. Two stationary tables provide the positioning for parts.

The AW II-200 is designed for small to mid-sized arc welding arms such as the UP6 and SSA2000. The operator is protected from the welding operation by electric doors that move up and down with a two second travel time. Also included in this turnkey workcell is an integrated welding package, robot controller, operator interface, and complete safety package.

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Workcell Features
  • turnkey workcell
  • enhances productivity
  • decreases production time
Workcell Specifications
Robot any Motoman welding robot
Controller varies by robot
Operator Station Door up/down x2 sides, cycle start x2 sides, E-stop
Safety door interlock, e-stop, light curtains